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As an insurance agent, I enjoy the opportunity to educate clients and always put their best interests first. It’s crucial to understand that not all insurance policies are the same. The same goes for insurance agencies - we have high standards in place to ensure our clients are properly protected.

My primary focus is on collaborating with REALTORS® and lenders to facilitate insurance for individuals buying new homes. However, with more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry, I am prepared to assist anyone with their insurance needs. When I'm not at the office, I often spend time at the gym, but I’ve also recently started playing golf.

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Phone Number: 847-853-6620
Cell Phone Number: 224-766-0323
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What Mladen's clients are saying...

"Mladen is great to work with. He found me the best rates and lowered my insurance a lot! My car insurance is half of what it was! Thanks Mladen."
- Faye & Christopher J.

"This was a wonderful and unexpected service that helped us while we were in the midst of so many other decisions. Mladen was amazing at helping us and very timely."
- Zachary & Megan F.